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Eldon House created a fun superhero-themed day to thank their staff for all of their ‘super’ work during recent weeks.
The care team dressed up in superhero eye masks and capes, which brought huge smiles to our Residents’ faces.
Thank you All !!!
Residents had a great week getting everything ready for our Barn Dance today.
Thank you to All of our Great Staff, who as always, got into the spirit of things and dressed up.
Thank you Everyone for taking part and a special mention to Kate in the kitchen for laying on a fantastic buffet.
The secret of a long life is ,,knowing what you want to do and doing it correctly,, says Beryl – and she ought to know if anyone does because she’s just celebrated her 104th birthday.

Beryl was born on April 23, 1920, and lived in St Blazey. Beryl use to cycle from St Blazey to Crinnis to carry out her job as a house-sitter, and is a great dog-lover; she showed her cocker spaniel at Crufts and won several categories in the competition over the years.

Beryl has been part of Caprera Family since 2013. She has had an amazing day today and really enjoyed children visiting from Sandy Hill Academy, who sang a Happy Birthday to her. Thank you to everyone who joined in our celebrations.

It is nearly April and this means only one thing for us at Caprera Care Caprera Care-Home. Our own Beryl is turning 104 years old on the 23rd of April.
It would be amazing if could send Beryl a birthday card please.
Please post to
Caprera Care-Home
61 Truro Road
St Austell
Thank you All in advance.

All Residents and Staff enjoyed dressing up for the day.
We enjoyed pumpkin curving and lovely treats made by our lovely Chef.
Thank you!

Today Trelana has been inspected by The Commercial Food and Safety Team of Cornwall Council and has awarded the Home FIVE Stars (their highest award).
Well done everyone!!! Keep up an AMAZING job!

We hosted our Pirate Day at Eldon House. Each of our residents was given an invite for the event and we enjoyed a pirate-themed activities.
Our ladies and gents looked very fetching in their eye-patches and masks
Great day had by ALL, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Today Caprera has been inspected by The Commercial Food and Safety Team of Cornwall Council and has awarded the Home FIVE Stars (their highest award).
Well done everyone!!! Keep up an AMAZING job!
Well done to our lovely staff that has been voted Employee of the Month.
Thank you for all your hard work!

Emma, HCA at Eldon House

Nataliia, Domestic at Caprera

John, HCA at Trelana
Well done to our lovely staff that has been voted Employee of the Month.
Thank you for all your amazing work!

Linda, HCA at Eldon

Rob, KP at Caprera

Connor, Domestic at Trelana

The secret of a long life is a bowl of Rice Krispies a day, says Beryl Lobb – and she ought to know if anyone does because she’s just celebrated her 103rd birthday.
Beryl, pictured, was born on April 23, 1920, and lived in St Blazey, where she married Douglas.
Her breakfast regime must also have helped ensure a long and happy marriage, as they were together 70 years.
Beryl use to cycle from St Blazey to Crinnis to carry out her job as a house-sitter, and is a great dog-lover; she showed her cocker spaniel at Crufts and won several categories in the competition over the years.
Her travels have included visits to Gibraltar and, closer to home, the Isles of Scilly.
She has been a resident at Caprera Care Home in St Austell since 2013.
Team leader Sarah Jewell said: “Beryl is a pleasant and gentle lady who’s considered family by all the staff

Well done to our lovely staff that has been voted Employee of the Month.
Thank you for all your amazing work!

Katrina, Domestic at Caprera

Angela, HCA at Eldon

Poppy, HCA at Trelana
Dear Arthur Bryant, thank you for the lovely flowers delivered for mothering Sunday, we very much appreciate this.
Congratulations to our lovely Kristina who has been promoted to the Deputy Manager role.

Well done to our lovely staff that has been voted Employee of the Month.

Debbie, HCA at Caprera

Adrian, HCA at Eldon

Dot, Domestic at Trelana

Well done Team, thank you!!!
We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. How stunning is this view ... thank you Lucy B for sharing this photo with us.
Well done to our lovely staff that has been voted Employee of the Month.

Julie, Domestic at Caprera

Edina, Domestic at Eldon House

Nicky, Nurse at Trelana

Keep up the good job, congratulations!!!
Many thanks to Upton Cross Beavers for our lovely Hampers that were delivered today.
Thank you so much from All the Staff and our lovely Residents.
Merry Christmas!!!
Well done to our lovely staff that has been voted Employee of the Month.
Keep up the good job, congratulations!!!

Paris, Night HCA at Caprera

Chris, Maintenance Person at Eldon House

Judith, Chef at Trelana
Today Trelana has been inspected by The Commercial Food and Safety Team of Cornwall Council and has awarded the Home FIVE Stars (their highest award).
Well done everyone!!! Keep up an AMAZING job!
e are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty The Queen.
For over seventy years she has dedicated her life to service for her country and the Commonwealth and being a figurehead of national unity and stability at a time of enormous change.
She has led at all times with a quiet determination and selfless devotion and has been all that is the very best in us.
While being Monarch she has raised a loving family whom she adored, and they her.
As HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh was to her, she has been our nation’s strength and stays.

We join the Royal Family and the nation in their grief and offer the Royal Family our heartfelt condolences.

Today Caprera has been inspected by The Commercial Food and Safety Team of Cornwall Council and has awarded the Home FIVE Stars (their highest award).
Well done everyone!!! Keep up an AMAZING job!

We had great fun on our Hawaiian theme day.
All Residents also dressed up, enjoyed our Hawaiian menu and listened to summer tunes provided by Ice 'n' Slice, and John.
Big thanks to Arthur Bryants for bringing some sweets for Father's Day. It's so lovely that you always think of us.
A special extended bank holiday weekend has provided an opportunity for communities and people throughout the United Kingdom to come together to celebrate the historic milestone. We have had a lovely weekend at Sharob Care and all enjoyed a lovely BBQ it was lovely to be able to welcome visitors.
Thank you to Everyone for your hard work and help to make this weekend so special for Us All.

Today Eldon House has been inspected by The Commercial Food and Safety Team of Cornwall Council and has awarded the Home FIVE Stars (their highest award).
Well done everyone!!! Keep up an AMAZING job!

On the 25th of April 2022 Caprera had unannounced CQC inspection.

We have been rated GOOD overall.

CQC's comments included: ''People told us they were happy with the care they received and people said they felt safe living there. Comments from people included, "I am very happy here," "Yes its all ok," "I am well cared for and have a lovely view from my room,"and "Staff come to me regularly." One relative told us, "No concerns whatsoever, they speak with me all the time, they are very communicative" and "I think it is lovely here I have no complaints."
Staff told us the manager and the provider of the service were available and assisted them as required. They went on to say how they were approachable and listened when any concerns or ideas were raised. One staff member said, "The owner just wants what is best for the people living here" and "They have been very supportive to me."

Feel free to read the full report which is available on CQC website as of today.

Caprera had a visit from Easter Bunny over the weekend. Thank you.

Elf day at Caprera on Tuesday saw lots of friendly Elves visiting the home.
Thank you to all the colleagues for making such a great effort and getting in the festive spirit.
Not only was a fun day had by all, the event and the raffle raised a fantastic £35.75 to support the Alzheimer's Society.

On the 14th of October Eldon House had unannounced CQC inspection.

We have been rated GOOD overall, we require improvement in one area.

CQC's comments included: ''Safeguarding processes were in place to help safeguard people from abuse. Risks associated with people's care had been assessed and guidance was in place for staff to follow. Medicines were safely managed. There were processes in place to prevent and control infection at the service, through regular COVID-19 testing, additional cleaning and safe visiting precautions. There were enough staff to meet people's needs and ensure their safety. Appropriate recruitment procedures ensured prospective staff were suitable to work in the home. People were relaxed and comfortable with staff and had no hesitation in asking for help from them. Staff were caring and spent time chatting with people as they moved around the service. There was time for people to have social interaction and activity with staff. Staff knew how to keep people safe from harm. People living at Eldon House had care plans which detailed their needs and preferences. Staff knew people's care needs well. People had access to call bells to alert staff if they required any assistance. We saw people received care and support in a timely manner and calls bells were quickly answered.''

Feel free to read the full report which is available on CQC website as of today.

Wear It Pink Day 2021!!!
What a wonderful day at Trelana Nursing Home.
Thank you All for making an effort.
All Residents thoroughly enjoyed it.
Dear All,

We will be holding Relatives Meeting for Trelana on 10/08/2021 at 11 o'clock.
Please see Teams link below:

We look forward to seeing you ALL.
We have been enjoying georgeous weather and have been busy gardening in the last few days. What amazing results :)
We thoroughly enjoyed creating these wonderful Easter bonnets. I don't think we've taken them off yet.

We’d like to give a couple of shout outs to our supplier partners who have helped us out recently.
During recent times we have felt it increasingly difficult to carry on ‘as normal’ with supply chains in question and long lead times.

Blue Flame and Andrews have pulled out all the stops to help us secure a new water heater, much needed I’m sure you’ll agree.
We would like to pass on a special thank you to Grant Doe at Blue Flame who has liaised with Andrews and helped us get a new replacement water heater.
Grant also offered us a replacement and labor for free which is muchly appreciated by All at Sharob Care. Thank you Blue Flame.

Big thanks to Kingsley Bryant and the team for our lovely daffodils.
Certainly brought a smile to our lovely residents' faces. Thank you for thinking of us.
As part of CQC's response to the coronavirus pandemic, they are looking at the preparedness of care homes in relation to infection prevention and control.
It was a targeted inspection looking at the infection control and prevention measures that Eldon House has in place.
This inspection took place on 25 February 2021 and was announced. We were informed on 23 February 2021 that the inspector will be coming.
Some comments from the report below:
'' The home was clean and uncluttered in appearance. There were procedures to ensure that infection control risks were reduced. For example, increased cleaning of communal areas and high touch areas such as door handles and light switches. Appropriate waste bins were available for the disposal of clinical waste, including PPE.''
''The home had designated and separate entrances for staff and visitors. A changing area was available for staff coming into the home and before leaving their shift. The provider supported staff by washing their uniforms if required. This helped to reduce the risk of infection being brought into the home.
Please check CQC website for the full report which should be publish shortly.

Well done Team!!!.
What a fantastic day. Super donuts, lots of reminiscing about our travels and plenty of light hearted fun.
Our journey around the world has continued by celebrating Chinese new year and yesterday we enjoyed French day.
We were lucky enough to enjoy some home made chinese food created by one of our wonderful carers and yesterday the home was full of the smells of fresh baguettes and cheese, all washed down with a glass of red wine.

As part of CQC's response to the coronavirus pandemic they are looking at the preparedness of care homes in relation to infection prevention and control.
It was a targeted inspection looking at the infection control and prevention measures that Caprera has in place.
This inspection took place on 4 February 2021 and was announced. We were informed on the 2 February 2021 that inspector will be coming.
Some comments from report below:
'' All areas of the service were clean and free of malodours. Effective cleaning routines had been put in place to ensure infection control risks were minimised and people were kept safe. High contact areas were cleaned regularly throughout each shift and cleaning procedures had been reviewed and updated.''
''The entrance to the building had been changed to enable visiting professionals and staff to enter into an area designated for hand wash, hand sanitising and putting on PPE. Appropriate waste bins were in place for the deposing of used PPE. Staff put on and took off their uniforms in the designated area. This helped to reduce the risk of infection because visitors and staff did not enter areas of the home, where people lived, until appropriate infection control measures were in place. ''
Please check CQC website for full report which shoiuld be publish shortly.

Well done Team!!!.

A couple in their 90s have had an emotional reunion at a Caprera Care Home after they were separated for three months due to Covid-19 - the longest they had been apart in 70 years of marriage.

​​​​Roger and Sadie Bulley have been together for more than 70 years and this was the longest they have been apart.
We've been having so much fun with our around the world theme we have decided to continue it into February.
It would be lovely if everyone could take an opportunity to join in.

4 & 5th Feb - Spain & Mexico
8th Feb - Italy
10 & 12th Feb - China (Chinese new year)
15th Feb - France
17 & 19th Feb - USA
22 & 24th Feb - Poland
26th Feb - Bermuda/Hawaii
We look forward to your best dress.
What a fantastic effort for Burns Night today.
We've enjoyed a touch of the Scottish tradition with music, whisky and even haggis on the menu.

From our homes to yours happy new year.
We all know how difficult this year has been and we want to thank our teams for all their continued hard work.
They have adapted and overcome so many obstacles this year.
This is testament to their care, commitment and dedication.
However, despite the difficulties we have faced we still have managed to achieve amazing things.
Our residents are happy and have enjoyed so many interesting activities this year - not quite what we planned but enjoyable nevertheless.
We would also like to extend our thanks to you - our friends and families.
We couldn't have continued in the face of adversity without your ongoing love, support and patience.
Looking forward to next year we know its still not going to be easy.
However, we will continue to strive to keep us all happy and safe with your help.
Happy New Year everyone.
Big big thank you to Stratton Primary School children who sent us a video link for their nativity play. We can honestly say you are all little stars. We thoroughly enjoyed watching your performance and will, I'm sure, watch it over and over. Thank you.
How fantastic to come in this morning to a huge bundle of mince pies very kindly donated to our residents by Morrisons. Thank you lovely people.
... and not only mince pies but this amazing Christmas cake has been donated to us Amanda Ashworth-Plant. It looks too good to cut into.
Wow what a treat we had at the weekend. We were lucky enough to have our own private carol service from our local metric band.
Thank you to them for giving up their time to put a smile on our residents' faces.
How lucky are we to have received a boxfull of instruments for our residents.
Immense thanks go to Mr Wilkes and Budehaven Community School for this very generous gift.
What a busy busy week leading up to Christmas. Christmas songs playing, decorations looking amazing. Residents have been busy potting plants ready for the spring, creating fabulous pictures for the hospital children's ward, overwhelmed with opening Christmas cards and even a game of shoot the reindeer - what a giggle.
Well done to everyone who made the effort to wear their Christmas attire what an awesome turn out.
What a fantastic afternoon. Our residents were treated to a variety performance. An updated rendition of Old Macdonald, a Grease number, a poem by Pam Ayres, puppet show and even Elvis made an appearance all finished off with some Christmas carols.
A huge thank you to all the Team for organising this afternoon and to the staff brave enough to take part.
You all rock. Well done.
It took all week to find this little fella. We searched high and low and finally found him at the top of this tree joining in with the Residents singing.
What a fantastic turn out for Elf Day. The residents had a ball.
In fact they've been busy all week with one thing or another and especially enjoyed making pickled onions for Christmas.
What a wonderful smell around the home.
Well done to all those in their PJ's. What a fabulous turnout. Raffle, movie, pampering. What a fantastic day.
Our Resident's spent some time creating some lovely pieces of art to celebrate Remembrance Day.
Always a good forum for reminiscing and thanks.
We've had a great week this week. With lots on offer, it has been a bundle of fun with arts and crafts with some very talented work being produced.
We've also had a giggle with the musical bingo. Always provokes people to put on their best singing voice.
Arts and crafts, pub quiz and a visit from one of our carer's puppy called Bronson.
The puppy was a definite hit with all the residents - and we can't say he didn't love the cuddles.
A huge thank you to the lovely Steph Jones-Giles and Lee at More Creative Solutions for our fabulous gift.
How lucky are we to have such amazing community support in these unprecedented times.
This goes a long way to ensuring our lovely residents are still able to access so many of the services they've been missing over recent months.
Another busy week for our residents. With the weather being a bit hit and miss we enjoyed some arts and crafts indoors, spent an afternoon icing some biscuits - can't imagine why this was so popular and a little woodworking session to restore some old furniture.
We have cocktails on the patio, walks to the church and have made these fabulous tiles.
The residents loved this and it clearly brought out their artistic creativity.
What's the best thing to do on a dismal autumn day - have a game of bingo.
Who knew how competitive our residents can be.
Fantastic time had by all. Everyone was a winner this time.
Our post office is now up and running and has proved very popular with our residents.
We've plenty of goodies to choose from and they've had a fantastic time.
We've had a busy week. With jewellery making, flower arranging, mosaics, cards and sensory sessions.
To round off the week the residents totally relaxed and we sat back and enjoyed a fantastic cheese and wine evening.
Who could resist?
What a fantastic afternoon. Despite the heat we've been keeping cool with ice lollies and ice creams but also enjoyed making lavender bags. What a fabulous smell.
What a lovely relaxing afternoon creating some beautiful flower arrangements.
Well we've started it now.
After the success of the chocolate competition, we are now having a cheesecake competition.
This will take place on Friday 31st July.
Plenty of time for a few practice runs.
Look forward to tasting these offerings.
Chocolate week has been a huge success. We've had chocolate bingo, arts and crafts making huge sweets, chocolate fountain with lots of goodies for dipping and even chocolate milkshakes.
We had a competition towards the end of the week for all things chocolate.
Thank you to all for taking part and congratulations go to Carol P (3rd place), Carolyn (2nd place) with 1st place going to our youngest competitor Mia Adams.
Well done and thank you.

Big thank you to Amy's Herbs and Plants for their kind donation of herbs, vegetables and plants for the residents to plant on the patios.
As soon as we get a break in the weather we'll have a fabulous time potting these up.
Dear Friends and Families

It has been wonderful to welcome you all again over the past few weeks.

We recognise that how much you’ve missed your loved ones and would like to spend time with them but please remember the restrictions.
Whilst some of you may not agree with them, they are in place for a reason to help protect everyone.
We’re extremely proud to have worked this hard to remain Covid free during this time and would be distraught if we let our guard down now.
We are guided by the Government and Public Health Department with guidance changing on a daily basis.

We are trying very hard to fit everyone in for visits and adapting each and every day.
Our faces are rubbed from wearing masks all day.
Our ears hurt from the rough loops.
Our hands are raw from washing them so much.
We too are anxious about our own families.
But we still, and always will, have a smile for our residents.

Please be mindful and respectful to our staff and help us to carry on keeping everyone safe.
Thank you
We know this will probably raise some controversial views but yesterday we celebrated CREAM TEA DAY.
And yes it most definitely is jam first!!!!
As the weeks are rolling past we're so glad to be able to welcome visitors - albeit at a distance - which means plenty of patio visits.
We've celebrated birthdays, Fathers Day and broken out the ice lollies in an attempt to keep cool.
We've had plenty of arts and crafts to keep us busy and have even dabbled in a spot of pottery this week.
Despite torrential downpours, the weather didn't stop us celebrating ladies (and men's) day at Ascot.
We had indoor racing and loads of fun with buckaroo and a cheeky glass or two of bubbly.
Even the staff took time out to model the fabulous hats for us.
With rain stopping play this week, we've had a lovely week inside, we've been writing to the queen, making celebration rosettes for Ascot and plenty of puzzles to get our brains working.
Dear All,

We are delighted to let you know that we are now able to ease some of the visiting restrictions currently in place in our Care Homes.
From Monday 15th of June 2020 it will be possible for you to visit your relative or loved one by pre-booking a visit appointment directly with the Care Home. Our priority continues to be preventing the spread of Covid-19 and maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our Residents, their Visitors, and our Staff.

For the time-being we cannot offer visiting without an appointment or visiting within the building itself, and some restrictions will still apply.
All our Homes are of different designs with individual outside space, but we hope you will be able to take advantage of the warm weather and visit your relative or loved one in one of the following ways.

A window visit
We will arrange for you to see and talk to you relative or loved one through an open window on the ground floor of the Care Home. We will ask you to maintain a two-metre distance from the window and request that you wear your own face covering.

A garden visit
As long as the garden is accessible from outside the building and your relative or loved one is well enough to go into the garden, we will arrange for you to see and talk to them there. We will ask you to maintain two metre social distancing and request that you wear your own face covering.

A drive-through visit
If your relative or loved one is well enough to go into the car park we will arrange for them to sit two metres away from your car and you will be able to see them and talk to them through an open car window. Again, we would request that you wear your own face covering.

How to arrange a visit
• You should telephone the Care Home to book a visit
• Visits will be for a maximum of 45 minutes and limited to two visitors from the same household
• We aim to ensure all our Residents receive a visit wherever possible and so the number of pre-bookable visit times may be limited
• If you arrive late for your pre-booked visit, the length of your visit will be reduced to ensure that other visits can go ahead on time
• If you decide to cancel your visit, please let the Care Home know as soon as possible
• All visitors must wear their own face covering when visiting
• Regrettably, for window and garden visits we cannot allow visits by children under the age of 13
• We request that you do not visit if you are unwell or if any members of your household are self-isolating
• If your relative or loved one is cared for in bed and does not have a bedroom on the ground floor, we will do all we can to facilitate a visit, but this may not be possible until visiting within the building is permitted.
I do hope you welcome these first steps towards visiting times; but if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Home Manager.

We hope to see you soon.

Sharob Care
Such beautiful thank you flowers received from Molly’s family today.
Thank you so much for thinking of us.
We've been spoiled again this week, lots of goodies have arrived on our doorstep - more headbands to save our ears; sweets and chocolates; our weekly supply of cakes from the lovely Janet; lots of letters and pictures from our younger supporters and some beautiful hand made items from the local community.
As always we are really grateful for all that everyone is doing for us, it certainly keeps us going.
As Nurses’ Day this year also marks the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale, a true pioneer of the nursing front, its only fitting to give a big round of applause to our nursing team at Trelana. Thank you for all your hard work.
Just a snippet of today. It has been lovely to let our hair down. The residents have had plenty of reminiscing, music, high tea with scones - jam on first or is it cream on first!!!

Massive thanks this week go to the lovely Penny White (William's daughter who has made us some fabulous washing bags).
Bradfords who kindly sent a supply of coverall aprons and finally to Del who made the most amazing cake as a thank you to us.
We've been overwhelmed with generosity and community spirit this week.
Thank you ALL.
So as not to feel left out of the recent craze, we've had a busy afternoon making a scarecrow. A fantastic addition to the team we feel.

The care team at the home had hoped to mark Beryl's milestone with a tea party but, due to the lockdown, those plans were cancelled.
Instead the staff put a call out for birthday cards on social media and were inundated with 103 cards, including a telegram from the Queen.
The 100-year-old says she feels exactly the same. ''No different. If you said I was 53, I’d say good and that would be it. It doesn't make much difference, it doesn't affect me.'' – BERYL LOBB

A huge thank you to Pengenna Pasties for sending our staff a rescue pack of pasties today.
We are extremely grateful for your kind generosity.
Most unexpected but very welcome.
To all our wonderful relatives and friends and staff, we've been overwhelmed by your support and understanding.
As we know you appreciate this is a very difficult time for everyone and your offers of help during this time are very much appreciated.
We will obviously keep you posted as the situation develops.
Thank you.
We write to advise you of the measures we are putting in place to protect our residents from being infected with the Coronavirus.

Whilst the Department of Health and Public Health England has not yet advised us to close, as a preventative measure we are asking visitors (including family members and friends) to refrain from visiting for the foreseeable future. Only staff and vital medical practitioners will be permitted access for the foreseeable future. Scheduled outings and visits from the local community and external entertainment have also been cancelled.

We have not taken this decision lightly but it's a new illness and we do not know exactly how Coronavirus spreads from person to person. What we do know is that the risk of severe disease and death increases among elderly people and in people with underlying health risk conditions (in the same way as for seasonal flu).

Our team will do all they can to ensure that our residents remain as comfortable and sociable as possible.
We appreciate your support at this worrying time.

Best Wishes,

Sharon Shelley
Managing Director

How to avoid catching or spreading Coronavirus
  • wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • always wash your hands when you get home or into work
  • use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards
  • try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell

In light of the recent worldwide outbreak of coronavirus (officially named COVID-19), the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it “a public health emergency of international concern”, and urged governments to step up their efforts and “intensify our preparedness”.

The Government has allocated £40 million to address the implications of the outbreak in the UK and hospitals have been ordered to take new measures.
At Sharob Care we pride ourselves on being a responsible employer and our Residents care is absolutely paramount to us.
We've prepared the following FAQs to support anyone wishing to learn more about how they can protect themselves, and people in their care, from catching or spreading the virus.

Frequently asked questions

What are the signs of the symptoms of coronavirus in humans?
The symptoms of coronavirus are similar those of regular flu. This includes a fever, cough or difficulty breathing. In fact, the current evidence is that most cases are mild and that the usual winter flu remains more of a threat than coronavirus. Coronavirus is likely to cause more severe symptoms in older people or those with underlying medical conditions, such as weakened immune systems, diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease. In some severe cases, the coronavirus may progress to pneumonia, causing shortness of breath and other breathing difficulties. The infection can also cause severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and can ultimately lead to the loss of life.
So far, the evidence indicates that those who have died have had pre-existing health conditions.

What are the health recommendations for coronaviruses?
Current medical advice to prevent the spread of infection from coronaviruses includes:
  • Avoiding close contact with people who are exhibiting potential symptoms, such as coughs and sneezes
  • Covering the mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing and, if possible, using a tissue to do so, and disposing of it immediately
  • Avoiding touching the mouth, nose or eyes with unwashed hands.
  • Clean and disinfect touched objects and surfaces frequently. Use alcohol spray and hand gel
  • Stay at home immediately and call 111 for advice should you come into contact with the virus or suspect that you have symptoms
  • No handshakes, hugging or kissing at work
  • Only use personal cutlery and crockery
  • Regular, thorough hand washing, using soap and water, for at least 20 seconds.

This NHS video explains the technique in full.

The government's latest advice for workers in the health and social care industries, focusing on community care and residential settings, can be found below:,6R5M8,UGSDIM,QZU5A,1

Should people wear facemasks?
During normal day-to-day activities, face masks do not provide protection from respiratory viruses, such as COVID-19 and do not need to be worn by staff in any of these settings. Facemasks are only recommended to be worn by infected individuals when advised by a healthcare worker, to reduce the risk of transmitting the infection to other people.

Is there a vaccine for coronavirus?
Not currently. However, researchers are trying to develop a vaccine against the specific strain in question (2019-nCoV) at the time of writing, and the WHO is supporting their efforts.

Is it safe to receive a letter or package from China?
Yes, it is safe. People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting the new coronavirus. From previous analysis, health experts know that coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letters or packages.

What should I do if I develop flu-like symptoms?
We have advised our staff that, if they develop a fever, cough or shortness of breath, and have recently returned from mainland China, any Italian town under containment measures, Iran, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia or Macau, or have had contact with someone who has, they should not:
✖ Go into work,
✖ Go to their doctors’ surgery
✖ Leave their home

They should:
✓ Call NHS 111 immediately
✓ Inform Sharob Care of the advice given

For a full, regularly updated list of the latest high-risk countries, please check this dedicated page on the government's site. Due to increased amount of 111 calls, the NHS have expanded their offering to a new 111 online service.
You can access this below for further information on where to go to get help, if needed.

For more information follow The Government’s regularly updated portal on
Today Caprera has been inspected by The Commercial Food and Safety Team of Cornwall Council and has awarded the Home FIVE Stars (their highest award).
Well done everyone !!!

Look at these little beauties.
Wishing Anna and Emily all the best with their bundles of joy when they arrive.
We will miss you.
Burn's was a big success. It was lovely to see so many of our residents enjoying the bag pipes, some haggis and of course a dram of whisky.
Investors in People is delighted to award Sharob Care, who is based in Bodmin, St Austell and Liskeard, We invest in people, standard accreditation.
It means principles and practices around supporting people are in place and everyone understands how to use them to make work better!
Sharob Care currently employs in the region of 160 people across Cornwall and recognizes that its employees are its most valuable assets.
It is has care homes across Cornwall which provide accommodation and care for 105 people over the age of 65 years.

Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People, said: “We’d like to congratulate Sharob Care. Being accredited with We invest in people is a remarkable effort for any organisation, and places Sharob Care in fine company with a host of organisations that understand the value of people.”

Commenting on the award, Managing Director Sharon Shelley, said: “We are very proud to have once again been awarded the Investors In People Accreditation. Over the past year we have been working hard to develop best practice and better people management, as well as recognise and reward high performance. The Accreditation is testament to this and we thank each and every employee for their contribution and dedication”.

We believe that the success of your organisation begins and ends with people. If we make work better for everyone, we make work better for every organisation. And if we do that… we make society stronger, healthier and happier.
Well done you guys on your fabulous PJs.
Put a smile on everyone's face.

We held a party for our Stay and Play group this week and the Residents loved it.
Santa even made a guest appearance. The Christmas decorations are now all up and the home is looking very opulent.
We had a lovely rendition from the bell ringers and huge thanks to Budehaven Community School who pulled out all the stops to come and deliver boxes of Christmas parcels for our lovely Residents.
We are always humbled by the generosity of the children and our community.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Today Eldon House has been inspected by The Commercial Food and Safety Team of Cornwall Council and has awarded the Home FIVE Stars (their highest award).
Well done everyone !!!

What can we say, the generosity of our community is outstanding. We had so much fun at the Christmas Faire and raised a whopping £376.75 for our residents' fund. Father Christmas popped in to see us.

The Trelana homemade goodies, pickles and gin, were sold out. Thanks to the bakers that created the wonderful reindeer cake for guess the weight. Our Christmas helpers were wonderful and huge thanks to our wonderful volunteers Terry and Bill who have been massive help throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a roaring success.

We have had the most fabulous week taking a trip back to the 40's and 50's. We've sung (wartime karaoke), we've cooked, we've dressed up, we've regaled stories of old, we've enjoyed a street party, we've been lost in the moment and rounded off the week with our recognition of Remembrance Day. It's been amazing. A huge shout out to the team for organising this week of nostalgia, well done to all the staff that got into the swing of things - literally, and to everyone who played their part.

Thanks go to Gemma Winn for coming in to turn back the clock with make up and hairdos of old.
What a great halloween. We've all had a fantastic day. Well done to all who took part.
A special thank you to all our residents who managed to make our home look very spooky with all their hand made decorations.

Dear All

The press release issued by the council stating Sharob Care would not sign the agreement because of the requirement to pay the living wage was fraudulent. Cornwall council are forced to admit this during this brief interview but unfortunately the Spotlight News report did not make this clear last night.
There are many reasons many providers are not signing the contract and paying the living wage is not one of them. We are fighting so we can afford to pay all care staff the foundation wage but the Council are deliberately trying to make Sharob Care look bad because we have called them out on bullying providers into signing the contract in order to get our fees increased.

The staff support has been greatly appreciated at this time and Sharon Shelley would like to say a heart felt thank you to all those relatives, staff and residents who have been so supportive in this fight.
Sharob Care is very disturbed at the libellous press release issued by the Council and would like an opportunity to set the record straight.
Firstly it is important to highlight that Sharob Care’s residential and nursing homes have been consistently rated good by the CQC and one of the very few providers in Cornwall with the Investors in People Accreditation.

The truth- Sharob Care wrote to the Council advising that it would have no alternative but to serve notice on the Council funded patients because the fees have not been covering the cost of care for some time. In some instances there is a shortfall of £200-300 per week per person between the fees the Council are paying Sharob Care and this year’s Council funded rate.

Despite postponing the notice for three months, the Council is refusing to to increase the fees UNLESS Sharob Care signs the new care home contract.
The Council is trying to suggest that the reason Sharob Care refused to sign the contract is due to a requirement to pay the foundation living wage to care staff. This is vehemently denied and the Council is, in fact, being selective with the truth. Sharob Care, like many other providers, are refusing to sign the new contract for many reasons but paying the foundation living wage is not one of them. The issue is that providers cannot agree to pay the foundation living wage if the Council have full control over calculating a fair fee; especially when they have not disclosed the formula they intend to use to calculate the fees; especially when providers have different operating costs based on different buildings, locations and individual needs of the residents. It will drive the quality of care and support down, not up.
Sharob Care is also refusing to sign the contract unless conditions are included in the contract to safeguard providers against a variety of situations; one of which it currently finds itself. Sharob Care provided end of life nursing care and accommodation to a dying resident for over a year without any payment from the Council. The residents ran out of money and the Council failed to carry out a financial assessment before she passed away. There was a systemic failure on all levels and eventually Sharob Care succeeded in having the case reviewed by the Local Government Ombudsman who ruled against the Council 3 months ago. Despite an apology from the Council, the debt of almost £40,000 remains outstanding.

Sharob Care is responsible for the livelihoods of 160 employees and providing a home to 107 elderly vulnerable people.
The situation that the Council has put us in leaves only two options:
  1. Either we carry on running the business at a loss until it becomes catastrophic to the detriment of ALL of the employees and residents; or
  2. We reluctantly serve notice on the 20 LA funded clients whose fees are below even last years published rates and exercise some form of damage limitation.
This decision was an extremely difficult decision for the management team and has been traumatic to both staff and residents at Sharob Care .The absurd irony is that the Council are paying all providers the new rates for new placements regardless of whether they have signed the new contracts yet won’t increase the existing residents fees unless the provider has signed the new contract. Bureaucracy and politics should have no bearing on the health and welfare of elderly, vulnerable people.
Residents have been keeping a close eye on the progress of their sensory/cinema room. After expressing an interest in doing something to help they painted some frames ready to make their own sensory panels for the room . These are now almost finished and will be in the sensory room when it opens .
Big thanks to those who came to the disco on Saturday and those who brought raffle tickets . We raised a total of £208 for the residents fund and our very own housekeeper Bev won a cream tea for two at Margaret’s tea room. Its great to see so much support for our Residents.

Once again we have been blown away by the selfless generosity of the younger generation. We have been honoured to have the company of several young adults from Budehaven Community School this week who have given up their valuable time to come and spend it with our residents. As well as helping out with some of our little projects, they have tidied, made music on the patio and shared lunch with us all. The ethos of this group of young people is truly inspiring. We can't thank you enough for giving up your time to be with us. May we wish you all well with your futures and hope that today brought exactly what you were hoping for.
The Hawaiian fun Day did not disappoint. Good company, good fun, good food, good dressing up.
Thank you so much to everyone for making such a huge effort to make it a fantastic day.
Some of our residents have been very busy bees this week. We've taken advantage of the sunshine and spent a lot of time outside making the gardens beautiful. The hanging baskets look fantastic and we've made inside just as summery.
With summer in the air this week we've managed to fill our days with a selection of things to keep us occupied. We've enjoyed entertainment, bingo, gardening and making sure our bird friends are fed, a quiz, memory and reminiscing games, stay and play fun with the toddlers, a visit from the guinea pigs, a bit of light exercise and have enjoyed lunch in the garden.

We've had a lovely week with a few trips out to take advantage of this lovely weather. We had a trip to the garden centre with some willing helpers to pick up some new plants to pretty up our courtyards.

Today Trelana has been inspected by The Commercial Food and Safety Team of Cornwall Council and has awarded the Home FIVE Stars (their highest award).
Well done everyone !!!
Our lovely PAT dog made an appearance last week. This always puts a smile on everyone's face.
On the 3rd of May at Sharob Care we painted our lips red for dementia nurses.

Lovely friends and relatives of Trelana, don't forget its our support group meeting next Wednesday 8th at 4pm.
Today started out with an adventure before the adventure as our care homes mini bus broke down on route to the Adrenalin Quarry. We were soon back on track and in time to meet the BBC for the big jump and zip. I'm sure most have seen the videos of the live broadcast we did on site but take a look back if you have not on our Facebook page. Our staff and William Green our Resident were all pleased to have made the jump/be pushed off a cliff.

Thanks again to everyone who took part and all the staff at the Quarry as every single one of them was amazing getting William harnessed up and zipping with ease considering his disabilities. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated to the Trelana Nursing Home we have smashed our target. After aiming for £500 we have raised just over £700 for our Residents Fund.

Trelana Nursing Home
Well what a turn out. The Easter Bunny did us proud. Thank you everyone for supporting us and a big thank you to all the staff for arranging such a fun afternoon. A special thank you to our little beaver who did a fantastic job manning the hook a duck for his badge. Well deserved.
A most relaxing afternoon here at Trelana spent flower arranging with some beautiful fresh bouquets very kindly supplied by Morrisons. Spring has most definitely sprung.
Don't forget to come and join us in the pub at 2:30pm at Trelana Arms on the 17th March for an afternoon celebrating St Patricks Day.
Prize for the best outfit, quiz etc. oh and of course Guinness!

Today Caprera has been inspected by The Commercial Food and Safety Team of Cornwall Council and has awarded the Home FIVE Stars (their highest award).
Well done everyone !!!

Some of our residents had a lovely afternoon ten pin bowling followed by a go on the arcade. The trip was rounded off by taking the long way home via Widemouth Bay to enjoy the view.